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Our company will take care of the paper, while your company does the work.


Navigating the business license process in large municipalities like the City of Detroit can be daunting. Let our company help your company with all your administrative business license needs.


Whether you need to schedule a fire inspection or obtain a Treasury clearance, we are here to help. 

DW Office Solutions is here to assist you with your commercial compliance-related issues. Whether you need to register a property as vacant, have correction orders, or need to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, our company will contact your local municipality to find out what is needed to ensure the property is in compliance.

We specialize in property maintenance in the City of Detroit and other surrounding municipalities.

Do you feel lost in the permitting process? You've applied for the commercial permit but are not sure why you haven't obtained the Certificate of Acceptance. Our company will navigate the building department on your behalf.


We've helped many general contractors and subcontractors obtain sign permits, electrical permits, mechanical permits, and certificates of occupancy.

If you'd like a free, no-obligation consultation, please complete the form on the Contact page.

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